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Malaysia 30-03-2016

In Sepilok I met Josef walking the trail. When I came back from the morning trail, he was having a cigaret underneath a sun hideout. A great place for me to have one as well. So we started talking and after a while we found out he was staying at the same hostel as I did. After dinner we met again in the restaurant. We both would leave the next day to Sandakan. So we made arraignments to go the same time. First a little walk in the FRC and at noon we took a minivan to Sandakan. So we did some hanging out there in the afternoon with a beer. For the next day we agreed on going to Labuk Bay a Preoboscis monkey feeding center in the middle of an oil plantation. Leaving with a minivan at 9.15 I asked a woman if she also wanted to go there, she was sitting in a hotel obviously waiting for the minivan. And yes she came with us. And her name is Palma. Driving to Labuk Bay we had some good fun all ready. When we entered the area where the monkeys stay our driver spotted some out side the feeding area. He stopped the car we jumped out and were able to take the best shots out there. I have to tell you that some of the photos contain pornographic material. We stayed out in Labuk Bay untill 15,20 before returning back to Labuk Bay. Palma is a very photographer with a lot of passion. And she looks great with that. So even the butterfly with blond hair and nice blue eyes I have met here on this trip. And the next day the butterfly flew away, after went for some photos at the fish market.

Swing the tree so he can jump to the next

The evening we spend by having dinner at the waterfront of Sandakan beers and travel stories. Palma and I went the next morning (04.30) to the fish market to take some photos there and had breakfast ( 06.20) I brought Palma to here guesthouse because she left to new photo adventures.

_3301352 _3301353
Kingfisher in the distance
Butterfly photographer at work with intence smile

After that I met with Josef because he would leave also to go to Thailand so we had a beer at the waterfront at 11.00 and the rest of the day I rested and worked on this website. Here are the photos of the 31st at the market.

Barracudas Some shark prous man
Jack fish shell with snail in side puferfish
Ray _3311631 Crab
Smoking after unloading the fish Sunrise over Sandakan


At last a nice photo of your host
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paulus travels