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Malaysia 29-03-2016

Being in Malaysia and seeing so much jungle it is overwhelming to me. Ok I planned it to be like this but that so many of the things came out the way they did, it is fantastic. And yes there is a down side as well. Malaysia is filled with oil palm plantations. When you moving to another place by bus or plane you can see them every where. And they have taken over huge portions of the landscape. In the old days these were jungle as well and with so many animals in there. And now you see oil palms as far as your eyes can reach. One tree copied over a million times. It is no good for the weather system. Because of the mono culture, the rainfall has dropped. And people are facing bigger and bigger dry spells. Also the plantations have changed the life of many and not always for the better. The money earned flows in the pockets of just a few people. Politicians and big companies. But for me All is fine I just take  nap when we move along the plantation and then wake up to see the jungle again.

Kinabantangan, Mulu and Tamana Negara the big jungle places I have been. Are different from each other. Mulu and Tamana Negara are 1e category jungle and Kinabatangan 2e category. 1e Category is way more dense because of its age. Tamana Negara is the oldest jungle in Malaysia (over 200 years old) and Kinabatangan only 70 years.

After leaving Kinabatangan I went to Sepilok, Here I would be able to see the Orang Utans from up close and go to make some more walks in to the nature. In Sepilok there is a OrangUtan center her young ones are brought when there mothers are not around them any more. A the normal situation would be that a mother Orang Utan takes care of her child the first 7 years before the go out by them self. The Orang Utan center does great work but when you go there there are a lot of tourist during feeding time. Every body wants to take pictures and a lot of people are talking and making a lot of noise. But I am one of them, yes I know that.

The entrance I give you Photos not from the feeding platform Damned an other guy with a camera
Cloder to feeding platform They are very cool and gentile animals Coming closer

So meeting up with these dudes was what I did after arriving in Sepilok. Feeding time at 15.00 I left the park at 16.00 in search of a beer and a shower. The evening was for dinner and working on my website. The next morning I planned to go and walk a trail in the rehabilitation center. So after breakfast I was at the center at 09.00 (opening time) and walked a trail through the center jungle park. That is hard work it is up and down and the track is narrow. So look at every step you take it is easy to break a leg or worse

Only 1.5 meters away from me

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But gorgeous butterflies sometimes
Strange tree trunk in the water
a big ant

After walking for 2.5 hours with out water i had to go back to civilization get some water and some food. In the afternoon I made a walk I the rain forest discovery park. A big jungle park with a canopy trail and a huge tree some where in the middle of the park. So lets see what is out there.

The canopywalk
rusty but looks solid
Made by earthworm
The trees ar tall Strange thing blocking my way a little
Just out on the trail a water area
Your host on a bridge at tyhe trail
One tree hugging the other one
 a lizard
Made by an earthworm some steps on the trail
The height of the canopy walk The towers bring you up to 26.5 meters
The metal construction
Lokk for the bird
Sepiloks giant and a small man Root system for better support
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