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Malaysia 25-03-2015    Kinabatangan River

On the 25 th I took a taxi and a bus to a pick up point where they would come to take me to The Nature Lodge Kinabatangan. I will stay there for 2 nights. So a lot to do. The schedule is tight. After check in we will go on a two hour river cruise to see the wild life at the river and the shores. The boat ride takes two hours than it will be dinner time and at night a night walk for 1 hour. The next morning we have a boat ride at 06.00 and a jungle walk at 09.00 so a lot to do and to see here are some of the pictures of the animals we encountered.

The placxe we are staying _3250756 This plant in the tree uses the tree as his host
Some times you see these rotten palm oil platations a hornbill flying high A phyton all curled up
Eggeret Proboscis Monkey localy called monkey  of holland snake bird because of the long neck
crocodile  salt water Kingfisher Hornbill

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Yellow and black crawler
Huge beans
Dragon fly
Just a great photo
Sleeping lizard
More to come when i can upload
More hornbills
Sunsetting over the river
_3260837 Eagle
Crocodile coming for us? Insect on tree
Stick insect
I never seen this one before
When flying looks almost transperent
at a lake fish treatment for the feet
strange lookinbg tree
60 cm lizard
Boot for the night walk
Proboscis monkey
Let me have a look there for flease
The big male proboscis monkey
Crazy people in there boats
Snake bird in flight an other crocodile

Two German guys brought a drone on there trip ( how cool ) and they offered me the footage of the trip at the river and an overview of the Nature park with our hostel in it. Many thanks to Maximilian and Tom. I still ow you a beer for it. Hope to see you again and some footage of Mabul and the dive rig. If it is possible.


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paulus travels