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Malaysia Borneo 24-03-2014

Iam still in Kota Kintabalu so I can send some videos to let you see what I did at Layang Layang. Yestreday I met with Lt. Rdza and his wife and son. I metLt Redza at Layang Layang. He runs the military base at Layang layang. We went to Kokol hill but we were unlucky because of the weather. And the smoke because they are burning Forrest again on Borneo. So the is a haze over the town. After the hill visit we went to have a dinner at the seafood hawkers place near the sea. They sell really good seafood here. I also did send another package home to release me of some stuff I am not using and some souvenirs. Four kilos less in my back pack.




My last day in Kota Kintabalu I spend on some shopping again and I bought some T shirts and a belt. also I went to look for a scuba shop but there was none. I wanted to buy a pointing stick specially for my next dive adventure in Sipadan and around the diving rig where I will be staying. Not finding it made me go to a hardware store there I bought a piece of Rvs steel rod and bend it to what I had in mind. Than I send another kilo of stuff home. The afternoon I went to the Kota Kintabalu wetlands. It is a mangrove area. I hoped to see some birds out there like Kingfishers and some others. But the water was low. So I saw some crabs and a lizard that was all. The end I had to walk back to my guesthouse, that took me 1.10 hour and pain In my leg. While shopping I fell and sprained my ankle.

A book that I got at layang Layang Last sunset at Layang Layang A little crab I took a photo of at Layang layang
serve no pork Fast Loan do not Internet cafe
Because of the heat they build these hall ways The price 200 euro fattwheel bike
Vape is the thing here
Shopping mall
The Mosque Lt Redza had to go for prayer time
Hawkers fish market
Hawkers food stalls Mangrove wetlands
little blue crab More crab
Lizard in the wetlands
One more left
more wetlands mangrove los water

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paulus travels
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