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Malasia 2016     6-2-2016


The traveler Paulus is back in Asia.

First thanks to the people who came to wave good bye on Monday.

The flight to Kuala Lumpur had two stages Amsterdam to Dubai and than to Kuala Lumpur. Of course not a lot of sleeping so very tired when I came to the Birdsnest.

a guesthouse for 70 euro for 4 nights in the Chinese area of Kuala Lumpur.

After a short night I woke up at 08.00 had a coffee. At 09.00 had breakfast. Then I went to see the Petronas Twin Towers. Not so far away by the metro. At 11.00 hours I went up. With a group because the whole day people will visit the towers to go up to the 43th and 83th floor.

_2067503 _2067494
shot from  43th floor
reggae mansion but non smoking
Chinese market Petaling street
Musician yes i spend some money for the photo
no dope to be fond

After the Petronas tower two stops with the Lrt ( underground above the ground) from there I walked back to my guesthouse through Petaling street. And the photos show a party of what I saw. Also visiting an Indian Hindu Temple. And finished the walk with a bit of food. First two days eating was strange. I had an allday empty feeling in the stomach. But when I am writing this, that feeling has cleared.

all the way up 452 meters
what a shop front
Hindu Temple
Food picture.    Wantan

Kuala Lumpur 7-2-2019

On day two of my stay in Kuala Lumpur I decided to go and see the bird park. In the vicinity there is also a butterfly park and The Islamic Museum. So I went to see them all. Getting there was a hassle because of the heat. First I took the Lrt and from there I had to walk. So I brought my cameras and water. There were a lot of people because it was Saturday. In the bird park it is at least a few degrees cooler than in the street of Kuala Lumpur.

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Buildin across the Lrt Station eacock plucked and ready for dinner?
ed Ibis I do not know
a big kakatu. Why they have this kind of beak.
These writings are from the 16th century and everything done by hand
Thats why butterflies are my favourite  insects
Indian made aswell
A Indian diamond necklace
Petrona Twin Towers by night. Awsome
view from hotel. High rises and a new Lrt station
 bank oposite of the twin towers
Some of the owls they have
Nice bluebird
 the butterfly garden
a medicinal book very old
What craftmensship
PTT from back with watershow. Every evening

In the evening I went back to the Petronas Twin towers to see them all in lights.

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paulus travels