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Here are some photos I took with my telephone. It took me a while figure out how to transport them to my computer. But by e-mailing them to my self resolved that problem

These are the airplanes they use for inlands flights Clouds over Borneo Sarawak river the biggest in Borneo
More of the Sarawak river T shirt shop in Kuala Lumpur Your host in Mulu national Park
Live Band playing in Miri Fight the humidity
People of Miri going on a 5km run  0.700 Am

Malaysia 05-06--03-2016

So After Mulu I took an airplane to Miri . Just to relax a bit and seeking some cooler temperatures. The 5 th I rested and went to a more uptown bar to have a beer and some western food. In the bars here the alcohol Mafia is promoting beer like crazy. Half a liter beer 17 ringit  but 3 half liters 40 ringit. For me one will do and a big burger with French fries. Afterwards a little talk in the guesthouse. The heat everyday and the humidity is taking a lot of energy out of me. In the evening it gets a little cooler but it will be around 30 degrees around 22.00 and humidity still over 80%. I try to keep my rhythm of going to sleep at 23.00 and get up at 07.00 but most of the times I will be awake at 06.00. Then I have to wait till 07.00 or 7.30 for the breakfast. In most guesthouses this is included.

The 6th of march Ashja ( a Polish woman) and I wanted to go to the beach to get a tan and see a rock formation there. But when it started to rain in the morning we waited and got some info about the Philippines. So now my schedule for the Philippines is ready. I got the info from Carl a guy from the Philippines. Luckily in the afternoon the rain stopped. The beach we wanted to see was 40 minutes by car and a bus is not going that route. So we hitch-hicked and we were so lucky. After 10 minutes a lady stops and brings us a 20 minutes a long the way we had to go. She was an estate seller so she told us the prices of the gold coast houses (some as big as a palace) in the area we crossed. Then she had to meet her friends and put us at a convenient point. And yes it was, because when she pulled out an other car stopped and this man brought us to the beach. He even turned oif the high way just to bring us as close as you can get. It took us only 1 hour to get there.

The beach it was high tide The rocks at the beach
Here we worked a bit on our tan And at the end a sunset 18.30
This is why we went there

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On the way back we took out our piece of carton with Miri on it and still on the beach way we got a lift of two boys. A 1hour drive and brought to the guesthouse.The people here in Malaysia are so nice and everyday I feel very welcome here. Thanks to the Malayan people. For the 7th march I arranged transport to Brunei.

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paulus travels
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