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 Layang Layang 18-03-2016

So to day the Chinese people went home and an other more mixed group came in. The change made it possible for Brian an me to choose the dive site for the morning and we chosen Valley. We been here yesterday and it looked really nice. With some hills and lower spots in between them. And because I had an encounter with a Manta there, it seemed a good plan. And guess what it worked out. It was a great dive. We have seen a big group of Jack fish, a hard working turtle (digging in to the corals) Morray eal, and some other nice fish. After the dive time for breakfast and getting ready for diving with the new group

Puffer fish Manta Ray Manta Ray
Turtle Underneath the turtle School of jack fish
Jack fish Jack fish Jack fish

The new group has arrived and the situation on the island completely changed. It is so much more relaxed than the week before., Our group now counts 6 people 1 American couple and 2 Malaysian woman. So the language a board is now in English. Brian and I learned a lot last week, there are not so many hammerheads. So when we go diving and looking for the hammer heads we stay at 10/15 meters to conserve air.  At the end of every dive we will end up at the reef. Because of conserving air we have more time out on the reef. And to be honest I like that a lot. Our dive master Cyril is not watching us all the time and let us do our own thing. The trust he puts in us is very nice. Some pictures will come first some of the days on the island. On the island is a marine base which is now and than visited by marine ships. In the new group arrived at the island are a few south- african white man. The first evening they started to drink them self to drunkenness. And one of the fell in to a glass with his elbow. He was lucky that the big ship was in the vicinity of the island. The doctor of the ship was called to come to the island and had to give the stupid fool 11 stitches.

The airport trafic tower of Layang Layang Purple haze over Layang Layang One of the Marine ships protecting the island

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Now pointing there gun at us
Your host having hthe best time diving
Going out for night dive at sunset

The last day of staying at the island we can only do a morning dive at 08.00. because we need 24 hours before we fly. This is divers safety regulations. So after the dive we went to see the bird sanctuary at the other side of the island. We have to go by boat because we are not allowed on the marine base. It is just a few minutes away. there are many protected birds out there. Coming closer you can smell them and hear them. They scream louder then my ex girl friend

scream heeee heeee
oh do not step on
Malaysian Chick
cruising high
The runway early in the morning The boat we go out with and the driver Alsham
Every day new species on my bed And some rays
An other Marine ship came to protect us Could not resist
Sunset over Layang Layang
A lot of young ones Flying high
so many of them Bringing food for the chicks
Malaysian Chick Waiting to go fishing
More sunset
paulus travels
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