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Malaysia 12-03-2016

The pick up from my guesthouse in Kota Kintabalu was at 04.45 this morning. So packed all my stuff last night. Some of it could stay at the guesthouse because I would not need that on the Island Layang Layang. I have been looking forward to the day this was going to happen. This I sland is listed one of the best of Malaysia and the rest of Asia. I booked this trip around the days I am going to stay here and in Sipadan. Sipadan Listed as the best dive site of Asia will start the 11 th of April.

So the pick up at 04.45 am and with the bus to one more hotel to pick up some more divers, all Chinese. A short trip to the airport and checking in and then we waited to get in to the airplane. A one hour flight and there it was just below us. A small island with a landing strip, one resort and some military people staying not so far from the resort. We signed in and then were brought to our rooms. Damned thatís why it is so expensive. But soon I new it was worth every penny. We arrived around eight and first dive at 11.00 am. And at that moment I knew this is just f*****ing awesome. You dive from boats that will bring you to the dive spot. It canít be further away than 15 minutes. My buddy is Brian a American guy. And the other diver in our group is Peng Li yes you are right she is from China. She hardly speaks any English. That is a bit of a pity because comunication with her is almost impossible and always difficult. There are two other groups ( resort is not full ) they are all Chinese men and woman. So our grioup is small and that will make diving nicer then being in a fully loaded boat of 12 Chinese . Our dive master Cyril is a good and nice guy and very relaxed and clear in his signals.

The map of the island and the dive sites marked with the red and white striped  flag The pool area no dive site no body using it
Eggs for breakfast Tropics

We eat 4 times a day.  Starting with a pre dive breakfast then we dive at 08.00. eat again at 9.30 breakfast with eggs. Lunch is served at 12.30 after the 11.00 oíclock dive. Tea or coffee after the 15.00 dive. And dinner at 18.30 and after that I will have a beer or two

Diving yes For the divers the water is not this blue as it shows on the photos
Dinner area filled with Chinese
Palm trees and the water on the right is sooo   blue
Two sharks down below White tip reef shark no danger. Depth 38 meters
You are missing out on all this FILE0013 (3) wall dive with overhang depth 25 meters
Sea Cucumber they clean the water. So wonderfull My buddy Brian. Sunrise but no rain here what so ever

Once every week the staff can you use the facilities of the resort. The table football, chess and other games. Eat at the restaurant and use the swimming pool.

But they always start with swimming around the resort. They asked me to join so I did they are so good to me. But I will not be on the photos.

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Play time for the staff The not swimmers the Swimmers
Waitress House keeping to young for my housekeeping Sun set eat your heart out
Boats waiting for the next day
one of the six cats on the island Fan Coral stuck to the wall sponge coral with fish
This is why we love diving at 25 meters deep
arround 10 meters deep All new coral Looks like this is an other planet. But you cab see this to
Welcome Landingstrip next to resort The dive stites all a long the atol
paulus travels
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