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Kuala Lumpur 08-02-2016

When I arrived in Kuala Lumpur the Chinese new year started. So fireworks in the evening. But nothing like in Amsterdam. In Kuala Lumpur you see many religions, Hindu, Christians, Chinese, Islamic and probably a few more. On many of the people you can see what there religion is. Chinese is obvious,  Hindu too, and Moslems as well, Christians do not wear the signs of there religion.. But today was the last day of the festivities from the start of the Chinese New Year. ( Year of the Monkey ).

So a good reason to go to the Thean Hou Temple, and see how the Chinese celebrate. They come out by the thousands by car, busses and on foot. They come dressed in red mostly. Kuala Lumpur has a great number of Chinese living there. They came already by the early days of the silk road. Thean Hou is the Heavenly Mother.

The Heavenly Mother Thean Hou statue hean Hou Temple
People praying to Thean Hou statue inside the temple
The dome in the temple all 3d
Dragons on the temple roof Making group selfies is the thing. So I couldnt resist
The inside square of the temple
The temple roof seen through the lampoons
e temple seen from one of the side towers

Every time I have visited a Chinese temple, and I have seen a few, I feel welcome and the tranquility. Even when it is very busy . Afterwards I went my hostel to start up my web site so all of you can enjoy with me. And I enjoy that. You can pay me later for the free holidays.

Ipoh 09-02-2016

I had to leave Kuala Lumpur and find a better climate, because every day 35 degrees C and a high humidity is hard to endure. So at 10.30 I took a train to Ipoh. The food city of Malaysia. It took me two hours to get there. here the trains run in time. But they feel like a fridge because of the air-conditioning, had to put on a fleece jacked. You have to be prepared for the worst. In the train after leaving the station you get a paper bag filled with cookies and Chocomel. And Harry potter on screens throughout the whole train. Compared to the trains here the Dutch trains sucks.

Het leven is een pijp kaneel je zuigt eraan en krijgt je deel.. Bassie heeft het naar de zin. I will go on later first out for a beer.

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Concubine street ? Ipoh Have a cooldown with a real nice icecream Street art in Ipoh Coffee house
Thonet inspired chair with marble seat
You are the prawn prawn in my meehoon.   very funny eehoon with prawn and wheat grass. 4 euro
street art at many places in Ipoh A liile bit like Banksy
Ok the last one guys
Nice one for my garden in summer time
3d street art Corner street art
Nelson knows
paulus travels
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