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paulus travels

Sunday 01-01-2012  Happy New Year

After staying a few days in Bangkok I took a bus to Chaiyaphum a five hour trip and yes when I entered the bus station Richard was already waiting for me. Richard is a friend I know from Amsterdam he is married to Tawan his Thai wife. With the car he brought me to a small village and to there house. There I met Tawan and little Sammie there son and Tawans daughter.I also met all the family of Tawan. It was really nice staying there and they treated me so well. Every evening Tawan made us special food . So I could taste the food Thai eat at home. On the 24th of december her uncle caught a snake and we ate the snake for Christmas. when I stayed for four days I left again to Bangkok and from there I took a bus to Pattaya. Now I am there and have met up with an other friend from Amsterdam Sjon. This Pattaya place is just one big whorehouse. Everywhere you see these old fat belly tattooed man with young Thai woman. I am here for meeting Sjon and later on Harry and Sunnit and some diving.   

Fisherman in small lake Family of Tawan watering the sugarcane Tawan looking for shrimps in the river
Rats  for sale at local market That way for the little Buddha park
Richard praying to the Buddha
Richard under a cobra
Big Buddha
Tawan preparing the snake for christmas
Sammie carried by his uncle
paulus travels
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