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Monday 23-05-2011  Spending my last days in Beppu for relaxing

After Hiroshima I left by bus to Beppu. Beppu is the city of the Onsen. A onsen is a hot spring. This city is filled with them. For Japanese people it is the Mekka of relaxing. So to relax and be nice to the body I had to go and try this out. First by bus a 5 hour ride of which 2 hours spend on the ferry. So now I traveled by airplane, train, horse, camel, bus and by boat. Going by ferry was a nice break. Wind blowing through my hair, it was just a couple of days earlier cut by Junko in Kyoto. Arriving at the Khaosan Guesthouse in Beppu felt good. On my whole trip trough Japan I did not meet many tourist. The number of overseas tourists has dropped by 90 % because of the supposed nuclear problems. So meeting a couple of real nice German guys was good for not drinking alone. The first evening in the guesthouse there was a party to celebrate the opening of the bar. So you will understand I had to be there. Aftyer drinking and eating for free and getting a little tipsy we had a dip in the onsen of the guesthouse. Four guys just having fun. After sleeping I had a stroll through town. After that a new dip in to the onsen. Updating this site and off to bed again. My last day( before leaving to China) I treated my self with a warm sand bath. This is in the oldest onsen of Beppu. ( Takegawara Onsen). In there you undress and put on a robe you got. Go in to the actual sand place and a woman will shuffle black warm sand on you. After a minute of 4 you start to sweat as an otter. Big drops of sweat will be rolling over your face and then you have to lay there at least an other 7 minutes. Then you get out of the sand and wash of by the shower, after that you step in to a bath with 43 degrees warm water and relax. Get dressed again and chill in the guesthouse. But I am working now to finish the last page for Japan.

Two months on the road and I don not want to go home jet. Another 10 months are in front of me and a lot of happy, nice times, traveling are waiting for me. So have fun in there I am having a veryyyyyy good time and still in very good shape in Asia. China and Tibet the next destinations to go and explore.


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Junko cuting the lttle hair I have
Shiny Uncle the man who likes childeren statue
Overlooking Beppu from the Global Tower
Entrance of the Takegawara Onsen
After the sand in a 43 degrees bath

The afternoon is spend on packing and relaxing. More adventures will come in China

For again in China Click here

The frerry to Beppu the wind blowing through my hair
Good food and nice people at the opening of the Khaosan Bar
Asahi Topwer Beppu
Entrance of the Global Tower in Beppu
The Global Tower
Looking down from The Global Tower
View towards the sea from The Global Tower
Explenation of the onsen
My sand bath is ready
And it is good for
The Golden Boy coverd with sand
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