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Tuesday  03-05-2011   Leaving Shanghai and entering Japan.   If I can.

Woke up at 5.00 and took a taxi to the airport Pudang and left there at 9.10 . Japan is one hour earlier and entered there at 12.45. than i took a train in to Tokyo. Found my hotel very easy. It seems to be a very cool place. Ok its raining out here right now, but it seems to be a very very nice. And guys if you fancy Asian woman do not go here. You will be horny all the time. Sorry no pic yet or film but tomorrow I will show you some. I allready made contact with Junko ( we know her from the shop) and also with Hiro ( met him there to) I will meet both of them on my stay out here in Japan. More soon.

Wednesday  04-05-2011       Walking and avoiding

Today I got up way to early. So around 6.00 I was around the temple. Took some pictures and than went for breakfast. Still have to find a decent European breakfast out here. I also changed my dorm room for a single room. Sometimes I need to be alone. Here in Tokyo there are so many people that although expensive I need the time on my own. Walking in the daytime is very tiring because of all the people. You walk, stop, avoid people all the time. It feels like that if you do 1 km you walk 2km. And people look very angry when you by accident bump in to them. I also went to another part of town to buy a new lens for my camera. In Mongolia my camera fell out of my photo bag and my 40-150 lens was broken. But camera still ok. In that area i went to the park. around the Temple in my area I shot some nice pics of  Japanese people. so enjoy.

Inside The Kannon do Temple Gate Five Storied Pagoda
Walking up to the Templ The Queen of the Parade? Not allowed to smoke at home so out in  Pajama
Nice these woman of Tokyo Strange duck out in the park The real Japanes outfit
Thanks for posing ladies.

Youngsters dress up. Sunday I will visit the area where I can see more of them. Its called Cosplay

Reflections of a building in a building I found another one Katsu Kaishu Building the new Tv Tower

Saturday 07-05-2011

Still in Tokyo. Cant write every day that would take to much of my time and it is just telling you times and what I did. So the last days I have been to the fish market and the Imperial Palace Gardens. I could not go to the Tuna Auction at the fish market because only 140 people are allowed and it starts at 05.00 so thats why. But the rest of the fish market is very nice to have a walk in there. It all takes place inside a huge old building. It is filled with little stalls and many people. Narrow streets,  slippery floors and carts, people selling and buying thatís what you will be up for. The carts are the biggest hazard, they attack you from all sides.

The Imperial Palace gardens are nice to get away from the crowds for a while. The funniest thing I saw out there was a guy with a little all dressed up bear taking pictures of it. See the photo. Kinky or crazy? Further on yust walking the streets and taking pictures. Today I will meet with Hiro and go to the anti nuclear plant demonstration.

Tsukiji fish market Fresh Tuna Octopussy
Gardens of the Imperial Family
Entrance Gate of the Gardens
Kinky or Crazy?
Replica food is made of plastic
Made of plastic

Saturday 07-05-2011    Anti nuke demonstration         Thanks Hiro for showing me around.

Today Hiro and I will meet up at Harajuku station. From there we will go for the Anti Nuke Demonstration. And after that he showed me some of Shibuya area. Also we had a pffff on behalf of  The Legalise Cannabis Day in Amsterdam.

The day started with a wedding Hiro in full costume No Nukes demonstrator
Hello,  Konnichiwa One of the bands performing




Sunday 08-05-2011

Freak show or fashion parade. Today as promised I went to the Yoyogipark to see the people out there.

Rock and Roll still alive in Japan Punkies Spin baby
Fashion Cosplay wow
Gorgeous Like yor style Scary
For sure freak Freaks Classy

Freak or fashion I do not care they make Tokyo awesome

Monday 09-05-2011  Arrived in Kamakura

After some traveling by underground I reached Kamakura, a city filled with temples. The Kamakura Guesthouse is the place to be. Itís an old tea ceremony house witch they changed in to a guesthouse. Everything is made of wood. They cook sometimes at the Original Japanese Fireplace. A real delight after staying in the rumble of Tokyo city.

Wednesday 11-05-2011

After a hard day of templeling yesterday, today it rains and Iíam staying in the guesthouse.

In Kamakura are so many temples that they are not counted. Yesterday I walked a trail along a few of the temples. The way was steep and filled with roots of trees. Looking for the first temple of the day was difficult. I passed it already and going back on my tracks I found a hole in the rock wall. And behind that there it was the first temple. Then climbing and walking went to many other temples and shrines. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be better. So I will be able and go out to see more of this temple filled area. After dinner with all the guesthouse guests and family I made a promise to go and see temples with one of the Japanese girls. And guess the weather did not change so a lot of temples and walking in the rain with the girl. She made a plan wich temples we wanted to go and look for. By having such a plan things went way smoother than the other day. .

Many ways and temples to go Steep and a lot of roots To many school girls
People washing Money It should dubble Japan as we know it
The God of Happyness. Now I know there is a God
The original fireplace
The male dormatry From above
Ding dong
Bestwishes to all
Huge bamboo small car
Bad wishes blow a way Big Buddha, Kamakura


Thursday 12-05-2011  Tempeling all day long.

First by bus to the station where our temple trip would start. And while we entered the station it started to rain and would ot stop till we got back to the guesthouse. But still it was a great and funny day. The English of the Japanese is not so very good, so a real conversation is/ was not really possible. We visited around 7 temples the one more beautiful then the other one. And many temples have the most interesting gardens around them. One that apealed the most to me was the Japanese stone garden at the Zen meditation site. Here we had some green tea. A taste I had to try the owner of the guesthouse told me. He was right it was green and had a very bitter taste, I liked it.

Bad spells blowing away in the wind and desolving by the rain sorry for making a picture sir Shrine, temple, banners
One of the gardens Bamboo water tap, found at many temples anounce that you have arived with the bell
Rock garden very tidy and organized
Your guide having a green tea in the Zen meditation  area
Green tea with a sweet on the left
Bamboo Supported trees The rain trinkels down via the O rings
Although a lot of rain a rewarding day

Friday   13-05-2011  Cant be a bad day. Traveled to Kyoto and found Juunko very easy.

This morning I took the bullet train to Kyoto and found my friend Juunko.  Frits go Japan you will like it and the welcome I had at Juunkoís place is as you told me. Fantastic.

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paulus travels
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