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Sunday 15-05-2011  Kyoto what a welcome and how nice.

After my arrival to Kyoto I had to find my way to Uzumasa Station, that was not such a big problem. Next stop Juunko’s place. So I went to the nearest super market, they handed me a paper so I could get to the right neighborhood. Getting there was only a 10 minute walk. But how to find the address. I asked the postman. He phoned the number I got from Juunko. And what a luck I had, I was standing in front of the door. So we kissed and then the best guesthouse of Japan started to take care of me. After a cup of coffee she had to bring one of the customers of fathers barbershop to his place. So we got in to the four wheel drive and I had a sight seeing. She showed me the inner and outer parts of the town. When we returned her mother made a lovely dinner. The next day we took the bicycles and we cruised a very beautiful area. Mountains, a little lake, a bamboo Forrest, and the surrounding area. When we returned we had a lunch and in the afternoon I took the bike to see a temple park in the vicinity and do some shopping. A nice temple park but the supermarket was a treat. Big and so many different things as in the Dutch supermarket. In the evening mama made an other fine Japanese meal. And for today: I am a lucky guy. In the surrounding park of the Emperor’s palace was a festival. ( see the link) After the trill of the festival I crossed the town for an other temple. And the evening I spend on watching Ajax.  CHAMPIONS

a little temple at the lake clown in bamboo forest Kimono girl taking a picture of me
Bruce Lee's workshop Temple bell with sunlight
 two face Buddha
Staying out of the sunshine
Pulled by ox pused by humans
Mama making Japanese food.  mmmmmmmm
Queen of festival
The Queen is carried
All this work on hair and make up
Kyoto shrine
Took a longtime to get them all
Signs and altar
All dressed up for a visit to temple
The big temple

Monday 16-05-2011    Happy birthday at Golden temple

While all European people are still sleeping and Amsterdam people are still recovering (Ajax). I all ready went to the Golden Temple.

The Golde Temple Kyoto The Golden boy at the Golden Temple
All ways work to be done in the gardens
Golden eggs??
Dont go with Usami. Rotten busses and no windows

Thursday 19-05-2011   Just left a friends house

Tuesday Junko and me made a trip to Nara. What a nice one. We went to see the Big Buddha and some more temples. We went there by train/underground. A trip from one hour or so. Happy that Junko was there to because I could not wish for a better guide. The travelling in Japan is ok but sometimes hard to find your way from platform to platform. At the Big Buddha temple there were a lot of little school childeren. They are way nicer then the 12 to 17 year old. The small ones are so organized and calm compared to the older one. Nara town is filled with not only temples but also with deer. They just walk around town to get some food from all the tourists. We arrived back in Kyoto around 17.30 and again Junko made us a great meal. The evening was spend on chatting, drinking beer and update my pictures.The picture system is working fine now. I have the all updated with gps information. So afterwards it is easy to know exactly where I have been.

Wednesday I went to Kyoto centrer to buy a hard disk, and a bus ticket (To Hiroshima) because my laptop is getting to heavy with so many pictures. Only from Japan I have more the 2000 of them. So they send me to Yodabashi, the electronic shop of Kyoto. What a pleasure dome for a guy.A huge place wher the sell not only electronics, cameras, televisions but also bicycles and all kind of other stuff. Because of my birthday I bought my self a real nice pair of headphones. After that I took the city bus to see ( yes more ) one of the nicest places I have been to this trip. This place is a long row of shrines. All orange and black. (see pictures and film) I might say velly impressive. Walking around here took me two hours and a battery reload to take all the pictures. A little walk to and other temple. This one is very quite compared to most of the sites. It is blessed with 500 old Buddha figures spread out in the hills and in between bamboo. After returning to Junko’s palace of course a beer. Yes I found it back and all on my own. Because Junko was having drum lessons on my birthday we went out for dinner at my last day in Kyoto. So sushi was our goal and what a fun place to be Suhsi is passing by on a transporter. You can also order on the little computer screen. Then on a special conveyer belt that order is send from the kitchen to your table. While writing this I am sitting in the bus on my way to Hiroshima. A six hour trip but way less expansive that going by fast tran. By bus only 40 euro instead of around  150 Euros by Shrikansen high speed train. So waking up around six and getting ready for the 9.10 morning bus. Pack and breakfast. Batteries all charged for the next adventure. Leaving makes me a little sad because I enterd a guesthouse and left afriends house. I have been treated to the best hospitality in Japan. And that means a lot because Japanese people are the nicest people I met on alll of my trips. Everybody will help you to find your way. Even when they do not speak english they are able to explain in Japanes and with hands and feet how to get there. Again Junko, Mama and Papa thaks for the warm welcome,all the nice food and happy feelings you mad me enjoy. Arigatou, Sugoi, Yabai.   Hajimemasite   Matane..

Deer in Nara The strwaberry group, How sweet Yellow head group
Big Buddha temple . The Big Buddha is inside Nicely line up fro entering the Temple Bid Buddha watching over us
I should have a name but I do not
Finger symbols by Big Buddha Older woman praying and banging the drum
School bags lined up, wich is mine?
Crane ? Yes
Korean supporter of our team

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paulus travels
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