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The group of people I am diving with is a very nice bunch of travelers and divers. They are all out for a couple of months or sometimes even a year and longer. Every body is telling about the things they did and the countries they have gone to or will go to. That’s the way to pickup information. On couple from Canada (Matt and Lorain)they havve been traveling in Africa and Asia. They have been robbed in Africa by gunmen and they became dive masters in Asia. Annd to top it all of thhey are getting married in Bali. Wow what trip the have. A couple from the US is spending there money they earned as english teachers in Thailand(Nikki and Brian). And a German guy (Stefan) who is a journalist has traveled a lot in Indonesia and became a diver as well. So during the days enough to talk about and rest of course. The tirth day a Britsch couple(Nick annd Emma) came to join us for diving and their sharing experiences.

on day 2 we also go to Manta point. The  point is to see Manta’s but on the first dive there we see only one i the far distance. And the second dive we see.none the rset of the dives for Mantas is only hard work because the Dive masters are speeding all over the place to show us the Manta’s. It felt like looking for little green man on Mars and you know there are no green man there. After the second dive ,we just taken of our gear and the bottles are empty, we spot a manta so we put on our finns and mask and jump inn. A little satisfied and hoping for better the coming days.

komodo pano 4
komodo pano 6


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Sun rise and then go divving The bboat we satyed on Oh yes

17/18-04-2013 Wednesday and Thursday

Other great days of diving. One of the dives was Castle Rock. not realy prepared what was going to happen we jumped in close to the rock and let us float with the current towards the rock. But being there the current was strong and some of us where scared to be wiped over it and that would have finished the dive. So we swim the current and hold on where ever you could.. The group I belong to also hold on to the rocks and our dive master showed us the way and gave me a rope with a hook. The we crawled our way to the edge of the rock and there where tons of fish and sharks hunting for them.  Awesome sight these sharks. At the same dive we  saw huges Napoleon wrasse and some turtles, jack fish and Tuna.. After the dive we were all a little shaken because of the beginning but that disappeared in happiness.

The dive masters asked us where to go next morning Castle rock again or Manta alley. We decided for Manta Alley. A different place than Manta  point by the way. The choice me made seemed to be the right one. There they are Manta’s not one but loads of them. So after this dive we jumped aboard and had such a nice breakfast and everybody was in hurray  SEE THE FILM PAGE OF THE DIVING IN KOMODO

19-04-2013 Friday

This is the last day for us diving and we make only two dives today. Because we will visit the Rinca Island there we have an appointment with some Komodo Dragons.And after that we sail back to Labuan Bajo and disembark.  Seeing the dragons was ok but also a little disappointing. The ones we saw where holding up cclose to the camp were the people live. The rangers tell us they come for the smelll of food. But still awsome big the are.. And a nice way to end our diving trip. The evening  we spend together have dinner.

Resting dragon Shut eye Basking in the sun
Better and safer from the bback Allways looking for butterflies Looking furosious
Close up _419489914
2.5   meter for shure komodo dragonpano
paulus travels
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