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paulus travels

First yoou see some pictures of my last day i Bangkok

09-04-2013 Tuesday

Iam back in Bali and things look good. Diving with Joe and the 14th a flight to Komodo. Found a hostel to sleep and for 10 us I can sleep in the dorm.

10-04-2013 Wednesday a pick up I be diving. So No diving because I banged my head and the doctor has given me 4 stitches in the head. So I keep being u bit unlucky o stupid. Better luck tomorrow.

this one here? Golden Boy Buddha IMG_342003
before the doctor after the doctor

11-04-2013 Thursday

So finally the diving starts today I gowith Joe’s Gone diving to padang bai . First one hour by car than in a boat and dive twice around one hour. The diving was very good I saw a frogfish and some other fish I never seen before.

12-04-2013 Friday

Today we do wreckdive at Tulaben

13-04-2013 Saturday

No diving today I visit the doctor to check the wound on my had. happy every thing is ok so I can keep diving. I also go to the bookstore to change my book for another. This trip I read six books and on my 2011 trip only two. I start to like the reading. next trip I will buy my self an e-reader.

14-04-2013 Sunday

I leave my hostel at 06-15 to go to the airport. I am flying to Flores. The 15th I will go on a liveaboard to do more dives and visit the island Rinca to see the Komodo dragons. I went after landing to the dive company and they arranged a shitty room for me so I stayed there for one night and promised my self to get a better place after the diving. But the view was nice. A good meal and early to bed with my book.

Just arived at Lubuan Bajo Airpot Sun set over Lubuan BBajo The harbor by night
Early morning viewon the harbor

15-04-2013 Monday

To day one of my dreams is going to start I always heard that diving at the Komodo islands is very special. I have to at 8.45 at DiveKomodo so first I bring one backpack and a little later the photo bag. This is because it is humid and hot. All the other divers are there.We leaave for the bboat and get our rooms and sail to the first diving spot. Caled Sabay Kecil and it starts really nice.. My 153th dive.We see beautiful corals and heaps of fish. We are with six divers and seven crew members. The crew members go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. They help you in and out of your gear and fill the bottles so for the next dive everything is ready to go.. After every dive there is food or a bite. Coffee available all day so is water. For the evenings I brought some beers. And also some coca colas to raise the sugar levels And we livedour lives for four nights and five days on the boat. Evey day four dives starting at 07.00 next dive 10.30 than at 14.00 and the last dive around 17.00 hours. Life is good and treating me well.

Fisher boat Indoesia style So many colors Sea horse on day 1
Puffer fish Again a sea horse

16-04-2013 Tuesday

Getting up at 06.00 to have a coffee and enjoy the sun rise. Ok behind one of the island but very relaxing. At 6.50 geaar up and dive at 07.00. We started at Siaba Kecil with a drift dive So we where swept over the corals with great speed. What a great feeling that was and ending up at a non current part behind the island to view around

nudibranch nudibranch
nudibranch Mandarin fish
nudibranch they come in many collorss

The dive photos are taken on the late afternoon dives than filming is not so good . The films I made  I put on a special page of this trip but uploading from here might be a problem

paulus travels
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