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paulus travels

Thursday 25-08-2011  A non diving day and feeling sick

Today I did not feel so well. Yesterday I developed an ear problem and in the evening my temperature was a little higher as it should be. So I have written the Diving school that Joe had to go by himself. I slept till eleven o’clock. Normally Iam awake at 6.30 but not this time. The rest of the day I stayed in my hostel and gathered some information for the rest of my trip in Indonesia.

Friday 26-08-2011    Feeling better

Today I woke up at the normal time and felt a lot better. So after breakfast out for a stroll a long the beach. In the afternoon a quick visit to the diving school to tell them that  diving is ok again so tomorrow a special dive with the owner of the diving school. Hopefully see some Mola Mola.

Huge insect on the beach The local beer bij Heineken A lot of kite surfers
local sailing boat Local Fisherman P826998204
A statue a long the beach Two mermaids Fisher boat
Ritual at seaside P826993111
Ashram but completly falling apart
Ashram in side Blinese Hindu temple tower
Surf is up and black sand at the beach

Saturday 27-08-2011  Diving again

Today I went diving with the owner of the dive company and Manfred a dive instructor. That makes diving very relaxed because they have seen it all and know a lot of diving. In the evening I went for dinner at a small restaurant in town owned by a Dutch/ Indonesian guy. The food there is nice and there was live music. This guy(73) is playing with some friends in a Indo rock band. I have to say very nice and relaxing.


Sunday 28-08-2011      An awesome day of diving.

As I promised again to Manta Point today I came prepared with camera and batteries fully loaded. Although having an ear problem I had to go with Joe because he is going diving at Manta Point and this dive I can do three or four times before having enough of the Dance of the Manta’s. They are so beautiful and the way they move through the water. I am so happy to have gone to Bali now because in a couple of weeks the raining season will start and I rather miss that. And at the same time I missed the raining season In India. Have a look at the video and enjoy with me. Be careful because your jaw might be stuck for ever.


paulus travels
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