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paulus travels

Tuesday 23-08-2011     I am having good time

To all followers of my travels. Thanks for reading and following me on this trip. While staying here in Bali I start to realize what a special trip this is. I have done and seen so many nice things the last five months. It is with taking care of my mom probably the best experience in my life so far. Sorry to all my ex’s. You are still very important to me but the experience of this trip is extraordinary. The things I have seen, temples ( over a hundred for sure) the food I eaten, the places I have been walking, the people I met, the troubles I had, the train rides bus rides different sorts of accommodation I have been sleeping in, the horses I have ridden on the dives I made so far. The hospitals I have experienced. And the things I forgot to mention here. They all make this trip worth while. I is not all like an orgasm but at least 3/4 of it. Also I realize myself that not smoking marihuana for some time is very very nice to. No remorse of the years I did but a little less will not hurt. And I am still the same nice guy. So when Iam back in Gansterdam the use of drugs will come down big time. Saving money for more of these trips. The longer the trips takes your mindset is shifting. Getting more relaxed and feeling home at places more easy. Ok I still have Java and India to go so that will be hard traveling again. But for the moment chill in Bali and after that Komodo. The dive sites out here are awesome and different than the places I did dive before. A lot of the dives here are drift dives. That means that you let the current take you and you will fly over the beautiful corals as Superman or swing from coral to coral like Spiderman. Hang behind a big piece of coral and you will be out of the current and than go up a bit and be picked up by the current again. Today I have been to Mata point and have seen 7or 8 Manta’s. Sorry no film because of low batteries but next time I will be better prepared for them.


Monday 22-08-2011  A little trip on the island

Monday I made a trip at the island. I hired a car with driver who took me to Ubud and Mount Batur and Monkey Forrest and the rice paddies. The roads on this island are small and very crowded. And as in many Asian countries the road rules are different than in the Netherlands. Also there are a lot of mopeds on the road. Over taking is normal and most of the time accompanied with use of a horn signal. If your car is next to an other you push the horn short than the other driver will slow down a little so you can take your next place in the traffic mess. Driving by car you pass little villages along the road. Every village has its own trade so one will be woodcarvers the next one stone carvers or an other of farmers.

Entance of Monkey Forrest Close up of a monkey statue in monkey forrest
Butterfly Group of monkies
Dragon in monkey forrest Little pond at monkey forrest
Hanging roots on a tree
Tree roots grabbing the rock Sit still you have parasites
Hang on
Sitting very relaxed
Temple of the King in Ubud
Musical instrument of Gamalan
Entrance of the Market at Ubud
Wall at Kings temple
Wooden Penis at market Ubud
Faces of Ubud
Face of Ubud market
Market face Ubud
Ubud face
Buddha's at market Ubud
Cats and owls at the Market Ubud
One dollar
Fish cleaning the skin in Ubud
Temple entrance
Community place
Bali man
Rice paddies
Rice paddies
Rice paddies
Rice paddies
three on a bike Avocado tree




paulus travels
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