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paulus travels

Wednesday 17-08-2011   Arrived in Indonesia    Bali

This morning at 6.15 I took an airplane from Bangkok to Denpasar (Indonesia) and arrived at 11.00 local time in Bali. I arranged a nice room in Sanur not so far from the beach and close to the diving school. So I will be diving from the 18th till the 23th of August.



You know now how it sounds colorfull and alive
Barell of the canon grown with corals Barell of the canon
Garden ealsThey live in the sand
People carry my gear just great
Below 7 meters so this seastar is actualy red but we cant see that
Garden eals
Black eal


Friday 19-08-2011  An other day diving

This morning Joe picked me up at 7.50 to go diving again. I was lucky because I was the only diver for the day so I had my own dive master. There is nothing better then a dive with 2 persons. There is a enough place in the car and while diving the have a talk with my personal dive master Michiel (dutch guy)

Sign of the diving company

And I am with Joe

Climbing a pole to get the presents. te pole is  oiled so it is very hard
The vulcano on Bali Mount Agung
fisher boats
A boat kite
Fisher boat

Sunday 21-08-2011  five months on the road

Yes five months on the road and still loving the traveling. Or staying out here in Asia. Because the traveling it self from place to place is very hard it takes many hours and is most of the time not so very comfortable. But the interesting thing about this trip is the difference between all the countries I have been. All the different kinds of food you eat and all the wonderful things you see.

Traveling on my own has its advantages but also has its difficult times. I can go wherever I want to but also have to arrange everything by my self. Sometimes you feel alone but never lonely. And if you feel like it you can always can go to places to meet other people. So always you can find a person to talk with and get info from for places to go. But it is never like in Mongolia when my friend Frans was around.

Now in Bali and diving a lot with Joe’s gone diving a Dutch run diving company. The people running the company are very nice. For instance on the 3th day I forgot my diving goggles, they went to get them at my hotel and brought them to the place where we waited. Also all dives are very relaxed. Today the diving were to drift dives. That means that you jump from the boat and the current takes you along the reef and when the dive is over the boat pics you up at a totally different place. The second dive of today we did around 4 kilometers in 42 minutes.

Many of these figures in Bali
end of the insects free aria?
On a tree close to the beach
Food pictuer and Michiel my dive personal master



paulus travels
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