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paulus travels

Saturday 29-10-2011  I start to get used to India

It took a few days but I start to feel good out here. You have to get used in all these countries, so nothing new. But here it is even busier than in China or Indonesia and a totally different culture again. This morning I went to a market area and felt that it is possible to connect with them. At a certain time they stared to ask me to take there photo. So probably every day a new page to load up. At least every other day I think I will be able to fill a page with the street life and people. One more day I will stay in Kolkata and than move on to the next place Bodhgaya. This is the place where Buddha found enlightenment. I will go there by night train so an other experience on this trip.

People sleeping in the streets carrying on your neck Woman walking the street
Fruit stall Even a to big load for a bike just suitable for head transportation
More? Allways ready to carry something on the head
Making a rope
Chained to the Koran Newspaper for sale
White on blue
tea maker
all things people do Caught in actioon
She didenot see me PA29401119
Thank you sir
PA29401420 brooms
Dad and son all shop owners have a mustage PA29401924
PA29402525 PA29402926 Happy
PA29403229 PA29403430
PA29403932 PA29404133
PA29404535 Young man shows his goats PA29405138
Merry go round done by hand PA29405840
Please take our picture
PA29405941 PA29406645 PA29407147
PA29407750 PA29407851
Sacafelding with saftey
Shoe maker Riksja repair
Sort out this
Sleeping with a rricksaw
Sjhoe sales man
Scary clown
Clown for Dewali
Leader of the bagpipers


paulus travels
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