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Wednesday 26-10-2011   Arrived safely in Kolkatta (Calcutta)

At 11.00 my airplane left from Bangkok airport and at 12.10 I was in Kolkatta and at 14.20 I found a hotel in the backpackers center of this town. With special thanks to Jan a Dutch guy I met on the plane. He walked me with me around the area and showed me some nice places where I can go. And in the evening we went out for a beer.

Thursday 27-10-2011  To mother Theresa center

This morning Jan picked me up to visit a service at mother Theresa’s church, he does some volunteers work there to help the less fortunate people in this town.After the service we have gone to the center of the town Kolkata. And the things you see here I have not encountered on my trip yet. Many people are asking you for money. Many people here are very poor or disabled and live in very difficult situation. No work to be found not enough educated so they will stay living this live.

Cleaning pot out on the street Everything is sold on the street rupees in the hand of a bus conductor


Klik hier voor gastenboek.

Sleeping in there all night? Yes here to
Street cleaning very necessary Flower market
buy my flowers flowerstrings
PA27380105 Worker at the flower market
street life The old Kolkata bridge

Friday 28-10-2011  Definitely in India

I start to realize more and more that I am in India. A whole different country then all the other countries I have been before. It seems to be cheap but everything costs money. Also every street were you go people come to ask you for money. Beggars everywhere. I cant give them money because than I will be broke soon so the best option is to leave a donation at the temples, there they give out food for the needy. To day I went to Kalighat temple, a place where you are not allowed to take pictures only from a distance out side the temple. After that I went to the Marble Palace, also no pictures, this is an old 1835 build building is fully loaded with statues and paintings. But very old and dirty. Nice to see all the marble statues and very nice marble floors. But the tour is short. Still the nicest thing is just wandering the streets with all its stalls and people. They are bristling and painterly.

Doing the wash The first quit street
Temple from in side Shiva temple Juist wandering around

Here I made an offer for my brothers and their families

The butcher Just a house
Here they make puppets for the holy parties eVERYTHING ON THE STREET
Woman washing Crows plundering a garbage car
Mural of mother Teresa Waiting for a customer
Sugar cane after treatment for a sugar cane drink
Cooking out in the street
flower market
Washing in the river
Kalighat temple from a distance
Cooking for the needy
Stall for offers at the Kalighat temple
Woman in their Indian dresses
Colorfull office
paulus travels
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