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Monday 17-10-2011  Getting ready for India

Getting ready for India in Bangkok is a hassle. I have to get a visa but applying for it on the internet (on the official web site) does not work. So I have to go in person to the visa burro for Indian visa’s. There it takes 3 hours to apply for the visa and 3000 bht, but now I have applied and have to wait till Monday 24 October and hope I can get my passport with visa. So cross fingers. Further on I have to travel more lightly when I am in India so I did send some of my luggage home. And next time I am in Bangkok I will send more so on my way back to the Netherlands I will not have any overweight. So now I sit still and wait for the visa. I can not do a lot because a big part of Thailand is flooded.

bangkok city view 43th floor pano

View on Bangkok 43th floor

Wednesday 19-10-2011

I am waiting for my visa and look for things to do and go for some shopping.


Klik hier voor gastenboek.

Friday 21-20-2011    Shopping and water

To extend my collection of t shirts I went to Bo Bae market a whole sale market for clothes. And the cheapest place for buying t shirts. I did a lot of walking in the little streets and found 6 nice shirts. After that I went to the Wat po area to have a look at the river and about the situation. That area is next to the river Chao Phraya and yes the water is coming in. Not to much yet but it could get worse soon.

Sandbags on Pechaburi road  Bankok  18-10-2011 Colorfull shirts at Bo Bae market
Ferry station of Wat po Shop filled with water
People and water at ferry station Water coming in to town and people thinking  of it  getting worse
littleshopping area flooded
shoeshop and water
Water of the Chao Phraya
What you want to buy sir
Still going in to the sewer
water coming down the stairs

I hope my visa for India is coming soon because it is getting to wet out here.

Saturday 22-10-2011  Strangest thing I have seen so far on my trip

On my way for an other t shirt run at Chatuchak Weekend Market I saw the strangest thing so far on my trip. This woman was begging at the side of the street. On my way back I could not resist to make this picture. Yes I gave here some money. The pile of t shirts is getting bigger and bigger.

Very disturbing face

Monday 24-10-2011  Good news

The good news is that I have my visa for India and will leave the 26th. Yes on to Calcutta (Kolkata). A couple of things to to do still. Send an other parcel with T shirts and get my self a save belt for India. To protect my camera stuff from pickpockets.

Tuesday 25-10-2011   At last I am going to India.

Ok everything is settled a ticket and visa for India. The last shopping in Bangkok and updated my web site. So I am ready to leave tomorrow at 10.50 to arrive 2 hours later in Calcutta. I was told to go first to other places but you now me jump in and see if you can swim. So I hope to update soon but I do not know about the internet situation out there. Some of the place I will visit are Calcutta (Kolkata) Varanasi, Bodhgaya, Orcha and Udaipur to end in Delhi but after that I will have some time left but where to go then I will see later. Ok to all of you stay healthy and happy. It is just in the mind.

paulus travels
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