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paulus travels

Monday 06-06-2011

Today  started dry so I went to the Baofeng Lake. This lake is at an altitude of 445m above sea level. S first dome climbing to do and then get in a boat with a lot of Chinese tourists. They have a guide who is using a loudspeaker to tell them what they see. Because I was sitting in the front of the boat I asked him to go and  stand in the back. But I have to tell these people, was his answer. I told him that because of the loudspeaker they would hear him any way. So a clear view and no blubbering right in front of me. Although it started to rain again, it was nice up and a round the lake.The guide was not to loud and some of the people where singing a song. So I thought I sing as well. And they appreciated it. The only foreigner singing.   But around 11.00 I had enough of the rain and went after a lunch at my hostel to The Yellow Dragon Cave. The entrance fee was 84 yuan. A bit high I was thinking. But after a 2 hour trip trough this cave I felt really happy. How wonderful it was you will see. Coming back to my hostel I had a massage of the back because of carrying my photo backpack all the time. The weather is getting better and I will exrend my stay here for one more day. I will go up the mountain agai to get some better shots.

Rain and still an ok shot on the Baofeng lake
Girl singing on Baofeng Lake Another lake view
These girls ask money fro a picture I take out the long lens and do not pay.
Coming down from the lake Baofeng Waterfall
Cute girl but photo prostitute
Chinese waterworks at the Yellow Dragon Cave
Colorfull in side the Yellow dragon Cave
More led colors in Yellow dragon cave
Huge stalagmites or is it slalagtites
A boat ride in side the cave
Stairs in cave all very well made for tourists
Strang chalk landscape in side the cave
Same but different color
Outside the cave monkey thinking  man or monkey
Panorama shot in the cave
Yellow dragon cave Zhongjiaje

Tuesday 07-06-2011

As promised I went back to the mountains today to get some shots that will tell you how extraordinary the scenery is out here. The mountains in India are beautiful as Frans told me, but are they spectacular as these. I will go out there to have a look my self. I enjoyed my self a lot today because of the beauty. A little review on the life in China. Sometimes its really  hard to explain my self, but in the long run I still get what I want. The Chinese are probably one of the worst car drivers in the world. They put there cars in the middle of a crossing and all the other cars have to go around them. The scraping of the throat and spitting did not stop. At all the sites I went to see it is very busy with tourist ( Chinese) They travel in groups some times of over 50. So the guide who leads them is having a loudspeaker and set to loud most of the times. So walking the sites is not on every aspect a joy. Once in a while I get really pissed off with these guides and try to tell them that it is very rude to do so. And they donít give a shit. The right knee ( the plastic one ) is holding up. Because of twisting the left one while getting a beer, bothered me for a week, but is getting better now. Still have to be careful so now I will order the beers. Tomorrow I will be going to Fenghuang and after two or three days to Yichang. There I will try to get on the boat and go To Chongqing. That will be my long a waited trip on the Jangze river. How internet will be over there I dont know so If I do not update all the time please do not be angry.

It might be hard for you to get to the last page every time. So save the last one as a favorite and go on from there and repeat this till I go to another country then there will be a new link on my home page.

First view of the day Not bad either Every time its special
Nature is not made by humans More rocks for friend Al
I am so luck but sometimes crying of  beiing overwelmed
Many Butterfly out her but hey never sit stil
To proove that I was here
You see he looks like me looking for hebs to
The three sisters again The name of the rock on the right
Zhangjiaje  sunny 2001
Just runnig short of worde

Wednesday 08-06-2011

My trip to Fenghuang has to be delayed till the 9th Thursday because at 03.00 I woke up with a lot of pain a a swollen face. Tooth ache. So I did not sleep so much and had to go to the Hospital in Zhangjiajie 40 km away from where I am staying. Luckily the owners of my guesthouse brought me there by car and translated for me and helped me out in a big way. So no they implanted some medicine in to my tooth and prescribed me some other ones. Hopefully it is all gone be ok . So fingers crossed and move on to other places. Oh I look very bad with a face like this and it is hurting as well. But chear up Paulus and keep laughing like I did for all the time of travelling. So a minor set back I will take and will jump over. 

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paulus travels
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