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Wednesday 01-06-2011     China I am loving it more and more

After a day of total rest for the legs ( I refused to take the stairs up, I only took the elevator up) I picked up the plan of visiting the village Hongcun. Only a 11 kms a way from Tunxi. Hongcu is a a place dating back to the Song Dynasty. People in the hostel told me that they enjoyed it a lot while visiting. Little streams of water from the mountains stream to Moon pond and then to the South Lake. Moon Pond is crescent shaped and reflects all the surrounding buildings. So for taking some pictures it should be worth the trouble going there. After waking up at 5 I ordered a breakfast at 6 and then I took the local busses to reach Hongcu. Only 11 km away it took 1.5 hours and 3 different busses. But traveling by bus is the best and cheapest option. Getting there was 18 Yuan and getting back by direct bus only 17 Yuan. 1 Yuan is 10 Eurocent. I arrived around 9 o’clock. The entace fee for some places is high because they are Unesco World Heritage. So to the Amsterdam  Mayor start demanding money for entering the center of Amsterdam, which has became a Unesco place as well. here the entrance fee is 104 Yuan.

Moon Pond Hongcun
pano Honcun 2001
The roofs of Hongcun
Fish and flesh Doing the wash for the whole towm Wood carving
One of the old houses inside A wood carving in one of the supoting beams Just a door
moon pond
Preparing some realy dirty looking food but it will taste great hopefully Not only in Mongolia
A hoatel I rested to wait for shooting the roofs  because the tower was still closed
Tea I had for free at the hostel. Very nice owner
Sometimes you feel loke calling the. Because understanding Chinese is difficult
Thanx girls for making me happy with posing
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Thusday 02-06-2011

Tonight taking the train to an other nice place will let you see the wonderful things out there when I get there.                                                                                        I all ready bought a train ticket from Tunxi to Yingtan a 5 hour trip on a hard seat in a wagon filled with Chinese people. So only one or to are speaking English. So speaking to a man who gives physical training at the university was a nice passing of the time. Before he left the train he wrote in Chinese what kind of ticket I wanted. So I would not have so many problems getting a sleeper ticket from Yingtan to Zhangjiaje, because I would arrive in Yingtan at 23.40 and at 01.41 the next train would leave. So filled with confidence I went out of the train and started looking for the ticket office. Hard but with a little of help of an officer I found it. Then the trouble started......... No more tickets available. I even begged for a ticket but all they said no ticket for you. So problems were there. Then I had to look for some body who was speaking English because the officer and a woman kept on talking Chinese to me and I did not understand shit of it. At last I found a very helpful guy. He explaind to me thgat I should follow a train lady and she would help me out. So I did and the guy went with us for translation. They brought me to  platform 2 and I had to wait in the office of the platform chef. The English speaking guy left for his train and then waiting for of 01.41. A little over 40 minutes. At the train should arrive the chef told me to go out stand on the platform and wait for his sign to follow him. Then we went to wagon nr 11/12 where a woman helped me on a bunk bed. Third bed. At that time it was 02.15 and I was a wake from 05.30 so a bit tiered I was for sure. But having a bed made me feel so relaxed and after a cigaret  I fell a sleep as a baby to wake around 07.00. Now 10.00 I am writing this not to for get because it was one of the crazy and experiences on these kind of trip. The language problems can be enormous and then It still falls good. So I do not feel only as a Golden boy but also very lucky that there are such nice people to come to the rescue when you are in troubles. I was because I had booked the next place for sleeping in advance and a no show up means that you do not have to try again at that hostel.

So on to Zhangjiaje  jippie jippie jee. Life is laughing at me and I am laughing back with a grin on my face all day.

I arrived at my destination and it looks very promising. I met 2 Chinese guys and they will take me up the mountain area where I am right now. First we had a nice dinner and around 07.00 Mr.Lee , Mr Lau and me will leave for the Zhangjiaie area. Mr.Lee and me will stay over night out there to look for the sun set and avoid all the Chinese people who will get there around 10.00.

Sunday 05-06-2011  Back from the scene of Avatar

Here in Zhangjiaje they filmed Avatar it is a big area with strange rock formations many time with clouds surrounding the rocks. I took some pictures but because of the rain they are not so brightly colored as i hoped for. But I feel lucky anyway because it is just incredible to walk for two days in a landscape as this. First some pics I took from the train and then the ones from Zangjiaie.

Oh ja niet vergeten volgens mijn geheugen gaat Coffeeshop John de 8e trouwen. Ik wens je van af hier een hele fijne trouwdag toe. Jammer dat ik er niet bij kan zijn.Lieve Anette en John veel geluk en happiness. Ook voor de twee meiden. Kus Paulus.

Rain so time to plant the rice The play of lines
Avatar landscape part one The three sisters two with baby Family resting for things to come
P6044172009 So high
Frog I met
Locks for longllivety
Taken this morning at 6.30 before the rain
Cloudy but woth the trouble
Zangjiaje panorama
Zangjiaje staand too big for the screen so scroll slowly Zangjiaje staand 2002

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paulus travels
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