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paulus travels
Just the lane up to the palace Proud outside guard
The building of retirement palace of Sultan
the entrance
From the inside out all marble
still the outside
foutain towards the mosque
look at that
a room here 500 brunei dollar  1 euro  is 1.5  brunei dollar
Lay out of the hotel gounds
Main hall of hotel
yes we are the monkees
they look so sweat but scare the hell out of me. I stay in the car. they are bloody thieves
Stables for the p[olo horses some with airco
Inside guards
first glimp of mosque
looking up the minaret
minaret up close and all perfect
At the hotel coffee corner
where to go
hotel rooms wing on both sides
 a part of the theme park

For opening Michael Jackson played here free for every body

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a member of the Royals going for a ride

After the day tour I went to see the proboscis Monkeys and the water village. The monkeys only eat the leaves from the mangrove tree. So that is the place to go. The proboscis monkeys have the funny noses.

mangrove roots
this is no park this  in the wild
cute nose
Statue at the waterfront
maintained very well these stables
the first one passing the bridge to see more of them.
more The leadre of the pack
The water village
walking home
Night fall over Brunei

All though a short visit to Brunei. It brought me some nice views of the life out there and the surroundings.

The Brunei people are mostly in there cars with aircon. Playing there telephones. The hard working people there are most from the Philippines and India. Brunei is an Islamic state but feels free because of the many foreign workers. Next stop Kota Kintabalu Malaysian Borneo Capital of Sabah. Just a twelve hour trip a head. Wake up at 5.30 take the bus and then two ferries. see you there

paulus travels
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