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Brunei 07-03-2016

The mini van was picking up up at 9.20 at the guesthouse and it would take around 4 and a half hours it took us 5.. Brunei so was told me , do not stay there more than a night. And than move on. Not a lot to be seen out there. So after all I was glad that I stayed for two nights because I had some real good times there. After I got my stamp and went to my guesthouse I took a walk through the area of my hostel. In fort of it is the biggest stelted water village in the world. In there there are 15000 people living in wooden houses and now days also made from concrete. There are 15 schools a fire brigade and police and also Mosques on stelts (wooden poles ) On the second day I made a small boat tour out there.

But I started to go to the Mosque in the afternoon to make some photos and if possible to go in. At 16.30 I entered a mosque for the first time in my life. This is the mosque named after the former Sultan Of Brunei. This one is nice but not very special. it was build before all the oil money rolled in to this country. The out side is nice bust in side felt a little cold. When you go is as a western person you have to put on a long robe , all black. No photos in side. and no praying people in there. With prayer time no visitors allowed. Than I went for a cappuccino. After the sunset I went back to the mosque to make some photos. And then at 21.00 hours a went for a 75 euro cent dinner. Nasi with chicken.

the mosque
In the p[illar gallery people wash ther feet before entering the Mosque
An office building with a minaret
Just a local waiting for the water taxi
_3079473 _3079478
on of the minarets A peak through the side entrance
A photo inside taken from the outside A house at the water village
Water taxi's

And later the Mosque in the evening

Moisque in lights
The gallery near the washing place
Mosque reflected The side door real nice stained glass

Brunei 08-03-2016

The next day i arranged a trip trough town. ity should have started at 10.00 am but because of a business talk emergency it started at 12.00. But I had to convince them that I was an emergency as well. I told them that I am a guest. Because staying a short period they changed there business plans and took me on the trip. First that morning I went to the Museum for the now reigning Sultan. Only a few photos I could take Inside photography prohibited. On the out side but still in the building they had some stuff for ceremonies. Like umbrellas, some shields and a men pulled car for the Sultan. When I returned to the guesthouse the tour started .First the woman guide brought me to a museum about the old way of living. The houses and the tools they had. More like tribal living in small communities. The second museum was a maritime museum all about a Chinese ship they found ion the sea. The Chinese where sailing these waters all ready in the 15th and 16th century. The ship wreck they found was load with porcelain and other trading goods.

After wards she took me to see the Palace of the Sultan. From the gates you canít really see it but it should be big bigger biggest. This palace was build after all the oil dollars rolled in. The only petrol sat ions you see here are from Shell. And from there we went to the newest Mosque. The mosque where the Sultan likes to go for his Friday prayer. Also here only photos from the outside. That is a real pity because the inside is beautiful designed as well as the outside. Later we went to a theme park and a big hotel. This was all made not so long a go. But they had to stop the building because all the state money was going in there. The theme park is only open on Thursday so will be costing a lot. There are so many people needed to maintain the grounds. The Mosque made me cry of happy emotions it was so well designed. I have seen some really nice buildings but this one belongs to some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. At the end of the trip we visited the horse stables of the Sultan. There are over two hundred horses there most for playing polo. The kind of money this guy has is unbelievable.

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The Sultan museum
an other shield
Shield and weapons
The old houses water village
At the new palace
ceremonial shields
Looks like the bat mobile a bit
Maritime museum the new houses on the water village
The old sultans palace

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The carrage with trone
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detail of weapons
The front of old palace
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