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28-02-2013 Thursday

Coming from Mandalay I am making a stop over in Bangkok. Here I know the way and it is easy to get a visa for Vietnam. Most of the time I spend in my hotelroom to do the wash and updating my web site. And of course enjoy the good food. By a few more T shirts and also do my tax papers. I have to thank Alkisti who stays at my house. This because she recovered some of my tax papers I had lost. I did send these papers to my self by hotmail but I did not realize that Hotmail is deleting photos after 30 days. But she helped me out in a great way. Also thanks to Nienke for telling me what to do with these numbers and where to put them in my tax papers. Thanks Ladies. You saved me a lot of money. So I have my ticket to Ho Chi Min City and will get my visa on Monday. I will fly to Vietnam on Tuesday morning. It is so hot in Bangkok over 35 degrees every day and humidity is at least over 80 %.. So twice a day change your T shirt and have a shower 3 times. From now on I also have my little camera working so I can bring you films on my site as well. I should have done this before> Iam sorry I did not.








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China Town and signs Puppets for sale
I PhoneCovers Sparkling all over the place
Rolex in Breitling box ??
Pistol for sale
Asian electricity
The gold shop busiest place
Small but colorfull
Defenitly fae dr Dre
Monk at the market

04-03-2013 Monday

Tomorrow I will leave Bangkok and change to Ho Chi Min City (Vietnam).So I started by paying my bills wich were send by email. And also did my tax papers on the Intenet. When all that was done I went to the Vietnamese Embassy to get my visa. When I got it I was shocked because it was only for a month although I applied for a two month visa. So I had to change my mood after the bad news I got. And while being in Vietnam I have to figure out what to do whit my two last months. These kinds of bad news make me feel really alone. No one to talk to or cry with. Ok so get my self together and get ready for tomorrow. Hopefully I will not run out of time when I am in Vietnam. Lets have a beer.

paulus travels
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