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Arriving is old and new. Why. Because the difference between 2006 and 2011 is big. I am staying in the same hostel as before. Now the neighborhood had a great up lift. They did not break down the hutong but the big buildings instead. They replaced the with old looking Chinese buildings.

A chinese rapper as explained to me This must be the friend of Tin Tin (kuifje)

Oh yeah uploading films of China is difficult or impossible because the Chinese government is not amused by youtube sorry for that.

Sunday   24 -04 -2011  still in Beijing

Two or three days in Beijing sometimes you loose track of time. The in and out of busses ,trains or any other kind of transportation does that to you. I really enjoy Beijing. I do not have to do anything than walk and wonder around. So two days in a row i have been to the Temple of Heaven. To see the people of Beijing do the things they like most , and don’t cost a lot. So they go to the park. They play cards, they nit, dance, play Hack sack (Chinese style) talk, play with diabolo’s and all they have for funny toys. The change of this city since 2006 is amazing. And it looks much better now then before. Also I bought a train ticket to Tai’An  a six or seven hour train ride from Beijing. This will be a though one. I have a seat so no bed and I will leave at 23.30 so sit all night and keep an eye on my things as well. Oh I wrote not being able to upload from China. Problem solved I got a nice tool from a guy. This tool unblocks the ban on Youtube by the government. So here are two more films of Mongolia and some pics of Beijing. 



Me at the gate of the Temple of Heaven
mandetory Family picture with Cherry Blossom

Last film of Mongolia



That the Temple Of Geaven

Monday   25-04-2011 Beijing

Today Frans went to the Forbidden City with at least 20.000 visitors. He liked it a lot. Tomorrow he will be leaving Beijing and will fly to Amsterdam. I will be leaving for Tai’an and then to Japan. Because no body is telling me not to go. So one sacred walk and then to Shanghai and Japan. Beijing was a joy.

Backkick with a Chinese hacky sack
Taking pictures of the Temple
Nitting or nutting

Tuesday  26-04-2011 Leaving for Tai’an

Ok Frans has left this morning by taxi for the airport and will be in Amsterdam tonight arround 20.00 hours.     Thanks mate for the great time we had. Hope to visit you in Thailand. It was a trill.  Now I will be on my own and an other 11 months to go. Because I will be leaving late tonight, I stayed in the hotel to check out time and then went to the Temple of Heaven Park again . There is one video I have to show you from today



Wednesday  27-04-2011

The train ride to Tai’an was hard. Sitting and sleeping is not the way to travel. And specially the last week of April and the first week of May are very crowded in the trains and busses because many Chinese will be having a holiday. I arrived at 6.50 in Tai’an. Speaking English here is hard because all most no body is able to do so. So arranging to get to the top of the mountain and a plain ticket was very difficult and took me at least one and a half hour. But in the end it worked. A bus ticket to the top to see the sunrise and a ticket to Shanghai by plain. I did not want to sit for 13 hours cramped up in the train again. My English stinks once told to me but at least I take the afford to write and speak unlike certain people I wrote an email to. A good sleep and money I needed so sleep first then get to the center of the town to get the money from the Atm machine. Parts of this town are having a power cut. But also cleared that problem. So tonight at 01.00 I will take the bus up the mountain and enjoy the sunrise from there and after I will walk down the mountain.

Thursday 28-04-2011   Walking the Tai Shan by night

The hotel woke me at 00.30 to take the bus at 1.00. The bus from my hotel was crowded and coming at the foot of the mountain there were a lot more Chinese people coming to see the sunrise. Luckily there was one Chinese guy who could help me with the translation. First we were put in a other bus which brought us half way the mountain. Then we had a long way to go. We started our walk to the top around 1.45 and hard it was. Sunrise would be at 5.00. You left early you would say. But the truth was that we only arrived at the top 20 minutes before sunrise. I did not count the steps up but reading the Lonely Planet later it told me that it was a 6000 steps to the top. If I knew that, I might have changed my mind. But there was no going back any more at that time. While writing this in Shanghai my knees and back are still hurting from it. The walk up and down exhausted me big way. And the sunrise was poor one. The walk down was a joy and less painful at that moment. But not eating not enough made me feel a bit dizzy. After two bananas that was over. A lot of people wanted to take a picture with me on it because I was the only foreigner on the mountain that night.  When I was back at the hotel I had a short sleep and than packed to take the bus to Jinan where I had to go to the airport. A ride from 1 and a half hour. And than I had to wait there for 3 hours for the plain to leave for Shanghai. Arriving in Shanghai at 9.20 and than take the underground for a hostel. So I arrived at the Captain Hostel at 23.00 exhausted and in need of a beer. And at 00.00 I fell a sleep.

People ready for the sunrise Sunrise a little disapointing How steep and this guy is bringing up beer
Everybody going down after sunrise Please take picture sir old Monastary at the mountain and not a monk to see?

Friday 29-04-2001    In Shangahi

I woke up early again so the body did not recover all the way. So today was a day of a small 2 hour walk through Shanghai and a lot of resting in my bunk. In the evening I went o the river side (The Bund) To make some pictures of the light display. Shanghai WOW.

Shanhai at the Bund by night Shanghai in led light

Sunday   01-05-2011    Still in Shanghai

After two days of resting my legs finally recovered from the 12.000 steps up and down the mountain. And from the few hours of sleep I had these days. But waking up 1 hour ago and the body told me it can endure an new beating. Of course I walked around Shanghai. I didnt rest for two whole days. And waking up and looking at the news I saw the birthday of the Queen on the Chinese television. Yesterday I tried to go for a railway pass for Japan but no one at the office. Of course not it was Saturday, I did not think of that at all. I lost track of time anyway. Also been to the City God Temple. How many Chinese did the same as I, most of them are having a holiday. So Shanghai is even more crowded then normally. Shanghai is the 2nd biggest city in China. With a 21 million inhabitants. There is an other place with 24 million people. I will get there on my second entry to China. What to do today. Think of crossing the river and view Shanghai from there and do some walking, eating and drinking. First things first do the wash.

Flats, flats and flats Birds for sale Fishing is good out here in the park
Temple of The City God Old and new Shanghai



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paulus travels
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