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paulus travels

Thursday 26-05-2011  all ready 3 days in China

On the 24th I left Japan taking first the bus from Beppu to Fukuoka then the airplane to Shanghai and then a taxi to the train station. The train brought me to Hangzhou. So I am here for 3 days now. The 24th was a hard day of traveling. So after some food and a beer I collapsed safely in my bed. The 25th I walked the park close to my Hostel. What fun again to see the Chinese do there morning exercises. Still tiered of traveling I had a calm day of exploring the surrounding area. I went to have a walk to the foreign book store to buy the Lonely Planet of China. I need that one because the Chinese are not so easy on giving the information I need as the Japanese are. And I will be in China close to two months. So no more hassles on information. Today I hired a bike and drove around West Lake, the attraction of Huangzhou. A well constructed lake west of the town it self. I started at 07.00 and returned at 15.00 at my hostel. Then a short rest and then having a look at the sunset close to the Pagoda.

The pagada towering over West Lake Inside a temple cushions are for prayer A helper of Buddha
I burnt some for all of you Knock on wood See through at temple site
All over Azia you see this guy Speaks for it self Staiway to "heaven "
Entance to boat terminal wealy Chinese
Nice pond with bridge
Taken at the pond
sunset over west lake
All so here for the sunset
Dressed up for the Sunset
Treating my self to a nice dinner, sigarettes and beer Me sending flowers to all of you. With love from  Paulus
So many nice places to go
I could not resist. You Gansterdam people

Saturday 28-05-2011

Today I left Huangzhou and went to Tunxi by bus. A 3 hour drive although the Lonely Planet promised a 4 hour bus ride for 201 km. So how lucky I felt when I entered Tunxi. In the bus station I met a couple from The Hague. They already booked a hostel so I went with them. The taxi was only 2 euro (20 Yuan). THe only room left was the Kings room, I took it and realy feel like that as well. Tommorrow I will go out to climb Huang Shan and stay the night out there on the mountain and go down via an other track. So early to bed and at 5.30 wake up have breakfast and on to some nice shots.

Tuesday  31-05-2011

So I have been out on Huang Shan for two days. Early morning going up there and a day later return at 16.30. So two days of walking up and down the mountain has been very hard on the knees. Especially because I twisted my left knee kneeling for a bottle of beer, while getting it out of a fridge. But Huang Shan which is the most beautiful moutain in China, according to the Chinese. And in on my travelling through China I have seen some. The Chinese are right it is stunning. So after arriving at the foot of the mountain we ( met up with a nice couple from the USA) took the cable up to half way up there, so we had more time to see the best part. The piece we skipped was most of it under the trees so no views out there. Around we left the cable car and started walking. First we decided what route we should take, with the info we got from all the maps we had. ( three maps and all different) So on we went. And it was ohs, ahs and stunning every two hundred steps we took. Around 17.00 hours we were at the sunset spot and had a rest there till sthe sunset. Then in the dark to our mountain hostel and after some expensive beers (18 yuan for 0.6 liters) normally in the town the are 5 yuan. Its not so strange that beer is expensive because first it goes up by cable car the it will be carried by small and very strong man to the hostel or other selling point on the mountain. This goes for every item going up the hills. Rice, bedding and building materials and all the things i did not think of. The bed of the hostel was hard so next morning when I woke up I had more pain un my hips then on my legs. Waking up at 3.30 hours to go out for see the sun rise at 05.00. Nice but this day a little less then other days. We were lucky any way because this time of the year it is not the best time to go up the mountain. We had two perfect days 20/25 degrees C. And sunny.

Day two on Huang Shan. After the sunrise I looked for the American couple at their hotel but I could not find them so I left to do some more damage to my body. Going up to 1860 meters and from there I tried to find the cable car back. And guess... I took the wrong path so ended up at my own hostel after a 2.5 hour walk. But my mood became better and better just as the weather and the shots I was able to take. Then I hooked up with a family from Singapore we met at the sunset place. They were going to the west cable car and because I came up by the east one. So joining up with them brought me to place I havent seen yet and did not want to miss. So an other 5 hours of walking up and down. And there it was the cable car OH yeah relief. Then take the bus to Tunxi garb a beer and rest. The fotos will not have many writings with them because I am short of words descibing all this beauty. So again enjoy

Brushes in all sizes Gabage truck in Tunxi Shop in the OLd street of Tunxi
All protected from the sun on here  electric scooter First view of Huang Shan
Out of the Cable car and on the mountain
Tree grownig to the mountain
A differnt angle
Bedding coming up every body aside
I have seen over ten of these signs on Huang Shan
With Tom and Michelle, Thanks for the nice  day
The path glued to the wall of the mountain
Do not look at me but for the senery
Close to sun set
Above the clouds
Meteorloical institute or dedicated to football
 flying over Rock
Locks left there by lovers for live
Crazy steps up
clouds and stone
pano 2

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paulus travels
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