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I am a privileged guy to be born in Holland. So I am able to do trips to far away countries. After my trip through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, I developed a real taste for traveling. Especially Asian countries draw my interest. Why they do so I don’t know yet. But there appeal is bigger then with western Countries. The trip I made this time took me through China, which is a country with a very old culture. It seemed to be a good idea to have a closer look. The preparations took me a year. First reading and then planning a trip to all the places of importance, like temples and mountains. Also having a look for things to pack is already exciting. So a very long foreplay and the orgasm still had to come.

The trip will start on the 23rd of March and will last until the 9th of May. So six weeks and 5 days. The first part of the trip brings me to London, and from there I will fly on to Hong Kong. The way back will be from Beijing to London and then to Amsterdam. For more about this trip, keep on reading.

In the afternoon I flown to London and I had to wait for two hours before the plain to Hong Kong left. Heathrow is a very big airport so the two hours I spend on walking and a beer.

The flight to Hong Kong takes around ten hours. That is ok when it is not to busy, sleeping is hard on me then.

China-Beijing-Image muur02

The Great Wall

On the next pages you will find the story and the pictures I made during my trip through China.


Dragons head Leshan


The former Big Leader?

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge


Dancing in green

I made this web site to share my trip with other people whom still want to go to China or have been there. There are a lot of pictures and films on it. It should give the feeling that you are in China while looking at my web site. So have fun and relax. Do not look at all the pages on one day because my trip took 7 weeks. And when I came home I was very tiered. Don´t do that to yourselves.

Some times you will find small video’s shot with my photo camera press the button and it will play

paulus travels