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Sihai Hotel            West street      100-Yuan           Double room.

Mac Trip can help you to order tickets for trains and trips.



The boat trip on the Li River is going to Yangshuo (Guanxi: Province). The views on the landscape are awesome. All these mountains have names, great imagination these Chinese have.


Going down the Li River


Have a good look you see what I see

In the bus towards the boat I met a couple of Westerners, which I saw again in other places in China. We had a lot of fun together. Of course we stayed a long time on the upper deck taking in the landscape around us. Coming down stairs they offered me some snake drink. I am not the man to spit in alcoholic drinks, but the taste of this drink almost changed me. It tastes like window cleaner. But the alcohol level is nice. People on bamboo rafts try to hang on to the boat and sell all kind of stuff. 


Strange shaped mountains


Doing the wash at the side of the Li River

During the boat trip lunch was served. The landscape is breath taking and on these mountains you can recognize horses.


Now I see horses


Genki and the finger mountain

Around Yangshuo people are fishing with cormorants. The cormorants get a ring or a peace of rope around their neck so they canít swallow the fish. When they brought the fish to their boss they will get a small peace of the fish as a reward.

Hpim1642 Hpim1639

Cormorant fisher in Yangshuo


Cormorant fisher by day and night

In Guillin I arranged the Sihai hotel. The lady of the hotel told me that there was a pickup at the peer. It was Mac Trip the guide of the hotel. Stepping on to the peer I suddenly felt relaxed and knew that the Lonely Planet was right. They warned me that this was a place to relax. First I took a little nap and then I investigated the hood. Around 18.00 hours I met a couple of students of the school for foreign Languages, they asked me to come to their school and talk English with them. Chinese people have been so kind so I returned the favour. It was a very nice evening talking to them and making pictures. I told them about Holland and they where talking about their school and where they are coming from. There is not a lot of opportunity for them to speak English so if you are in China, it is a great way to learn a little more about them. The fourth of April Mac Trip and I went for a tour on the bike through this beautiful landscape. And along the way do some rafting on the Yulong He (river) and visit the water cave. Floating on a raft with a spliff, in the middle of China. I pinched myself yes it is for real! After some biking again I had a walk through the water cave. It is a very remarkable place with its stalagmites and its stalactites. There is also a mud bath in there and for the fun of it I took a dive.


The water cave and me after a dip


Stalagmite or stalactite ?

With view on Moon Hill we enjoyed a nice dinner. Mac Trip became a little tipsy. During the evening I visited the village square, here you can find yourself a good meal, and it will not be very expensive. I ate dumplings at Mr Wang. Together with Becky a Genki (people from the boat} we decided to become intoxicated. So we went to the Blue Lotus bar to have beers and vodka. The dj was all right so we started dancing.

_MG_0649 _MG_0882

Tin Tin dancing at the Blue Lotus

We tested the well-known politeness of the Chinese, and kept the bar open an hour after all the other customers left. The next day I had a hang over. Walking through town my knee started to hurt really badly, and was happy to find an acupuncturist. In his shop there were a couple of ladies sitting with needles sticking in to their legs. And soon I looked like them when I had a needle sticking in to my knee. People walking in and out and I am the only foreigner. After a massage and with nine packages of medicine I left the shop two hours later.


No it doesnít hurt and helped me to walk on

That evening I went to a show on a big lake surrounded by the mountains. There are over 600 people working in the show and it was about the life of Chinese people on the land and the see. This show was very nice and exciting. Have a look at the opening of the Olympic games in 2008.

_MG_0972 _MG_0962 Img_0959

Show on the water


show on the water Yangshuo 

The Chinese will show us the best opening of the OG ever. The last day in Yangshuo I spent with the students. We went biking, rafting and climbing moon hill. Climbing Moon Hill is like a stroll in the park compared to the walk I did on Lantau Island. Looking down from Moon Hill is absolutely stunning.  Another fine day.


The students of the English language school

_MG_1084 _MG_1096

Looking up to and down from Moon Hill


Writing on bamboo


Spiderman seems to be in China

In the evening I met Greg (also from the boat) and with him and Becky I went the next day to Guillin by bus and took a train to Kunming. The journey was 20 hours or more, so I took a soft sleeper.

Img_1148 Img_1211

Becky having a lunch


Next station Shillin Forrest

Train Ticket         Guillin to Kunming.                      270 Yuan                     Soft Sleeper.


Shillin Forrest


Dropped my backpack at the: International Hostel Stone Forest.   10 Yuan  pick up station: 10 Yuan


The train was leaving at 8.55 in the morning. So I installed myself and did a little bit of reading, looking outside and listening to my mp3 player. In the buffet car I was having some food and there was Chinese man drinking hard liquor. I warned him that he would have a headache. But he was drinking this firewater so he would pass out for the rest of the trip. He invited me, so we started drinking together. In the train I heard that we were having a stopover at 4.00 am in Shillin. Because I wanted to visit the Shillin Forest I left the train. Of course Becky and Gregg said that I am a nutcase. But I call it a man on a mission. So at 4.00 am at the train stations parking no one there but me. It was a nice night with a lot of stars. Because I brought a mining lamp I was able to read a book. Around 5 am a minivan pulled in to the small parking lot. The guy driving it was from a Youth hostel and I was able to leave my backpack at that hotel so I could pick it up later. Around 6 am he brought in a Chinese couple that wanted to do the same thing as I did. Have a breakfast and visit the Shillin Forest Park.  So at 8.00 am when the park opened we were the first to enter that day.

Img_1238 Img_1262
Img_1246 Img_1223
Img_1237 Img_1251

The strange landscape of Shillin Forest

Img_1269 Img_1270
Img_1274 Img_1276

Beautiful people in Shillin Forest



This park is very special with these strange rocks sticking out of the ground. I was also able to shoot some photos of these people in their nice dresses. Have a look at the pictures and you will see. After a couple of hours it was time to head back to Kunming and travel to Dali to meet up with Becky and Gregg.

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