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Hong Kong:

Tjitte’s                   0 HK Dollar                       single room

Best guide of them all.

Macao:       Metropole Hotel          150 Yuan                       Double room


After my arrival in Hong Kong airport that lies on Lantau Island, I looked for the bus to Mui Wo. That is the place where Tjitte is living. He invited me to stay a couple of days at his place and start my trip from HK. Good decision on my behalf because the reception was great. Tjitte cleared out a room for me so I was able to recuperate from the flight. Around 17.00 I arrived in Mui Wo and Tjitte was waiting at the Bus / Ferry station for me. From there we walked over to his house and had a welcoming beer.

China-Hong Kong-HPIM148002


China-Hong Kong-HPIM149302

Skyline Hong Kong

The beers are served in 600 ml bottles. After a couple of them we went for a bite at the local Chinese. The dinner was very nice and cheap as well. The evening we spent talking about life and about the life in Amsterdam. I had to sleep a little so I went to bed at a reasonable time to get up early the next morning. Excitement is driving me. The first thing I did was making a cup of coffee Dutch coffee I brought, for Tjitte, together with liquorish. We made had a stroll through town and along the beach. I didn’t go swimming because of the diving I was going to do. Having a cold will ruin the change of diving. The noon we spend on Hong Kong Island.

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1496

Skyline Hong Kong

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1500
Hong Kong by night

Hong Kong by night

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1569 China-Hong Kong-HPIM1558

Hong Kong by night

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1534

Downtown Hong Kong

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1559

Downtown Hong Kong

First we took the ferry to HK Island and then a little walking to meet some of Tjitte’s friends. The coffee shop where they were going to be will be hard to find again. Hong Kong is a 3 dimensional town compared to Amsterdam. So up a staircase and then up with the escalator through a shopping floor followed by going down with an escalator left and right and you are in the middle of bubbling Hong Kong. Just a little bit more and there is the coffee shop Nice Flavour and the friends of Tjitte. They are web designers and have there own office space in town. After coffee and a visit at the office we went to one of their apartments. Downtown HK I would say. After a couple cups of tea and some Amsterdam smoking the others where going to play some chess. This was the sign for me to hit the town. If I was able to find the ferry again I could find my bed as well. What a city with all these skyscrapers, people, shops and restaurants.

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1512

Dumplings in baskets

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1605

High-rise in Hong Kong

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1582

Not for vegetarians

China-Hong Kong-HPIM157502

Fish heads at the market

The traffic is incredible for a person of Amsterdam. It is hard to believe that is this busy all the time. But it seems to be true. So I walked up to a restaurant and ordered my first meal in China. Rice with chicken I ordered and a Blue Girl beer, just for the name. It was a Tl-lighted pace with an only Chinese people. After that I walked and enjoyed the city for a couple of hours. Took a taxi to the ferry peer 7 and headed for Tjitte’s place. The next day was for diving with the SCDC (South China Diving Club). I wrote them an email after finding them on the Internet. They aren’t a commercial diving club but invited me to go with them. Nice people. I had to take the ferry around 6 o’clock to meet the bus from the club. Picking up one of the divers in a different part of town and then we went to the boat for diving. This club exists of expats and HK Chinese, which are going diving at the weekends.ends.

China-Hong Kong-HPIM1590

Waiting for the boat

. They arranged the most experienced diver as my buddy. It was a year a go since my last dive, so the first dive was a bit untidy but the second was much better. Unfortunately the waters around Hong Kong aren’t that clear so visibility only was 7 or 8 meters and not a lot of wild life to see. But I have a nice stamp in my logbook. After the second and last dive the champagne was served. The dive master of that day was having her birthday. I am a lucky guy. When the bottles where finished they brought me to the peer again and told me to have a look in town. Why I asked? It was Sunday, which is bird market in Hong Kong. The Philippine woman, they work as housekeepers, have there day off. They meet each other in town and start to talk, it sounds like a bird market. It is said that there are over 100.000 thousand Pilipino working in town. Monday morning Tjitte showed me around on Lantau Island. And in the afternoon we took the fast boat to Macao, which is an Old Portuguese town.

China-Macao-IMG_0077 China-Macao-IMG_0076

Macao by day

The buildings in the centre are still old school. First we walked through town and bought me a new camera. The old one has broken down because of the humidity in Hong Kong. Then we had some Portuguese Chinese food and went to the casino. Not really our thing but nice for a visit. Chinese love gambling. Ask your locale soccer club.


Macao by night

The next morning I went outside early to test my new camera. Not to late we where back at Lantau Island where we walked a trail up to the Big Buddha. It was a 3.5-hour walk up in the mountains of Lantau. Walking trails is a big challenge for me because in Amsterdam I do everything by bike. And hills we don’t have them in Holland. But it was a very rewarding walk and at the end of it the Big Buddha. The Buddha is a sitting one on the end of a very high stair, and he is looking over the island.

China-Hong Kong-IMG_0169

The Big Buddha at L:antau Island

In the evening we where invited by a nice Chinese lady to have dinner. And much later we met up with an English bloke ho lives on Lantau as well. He is a juggler and can drink and smoke as well. Late in the night we took a taxi to Mui Wo and when we reached Tjitte’s house we fell a sleep instantly. Wednesday already started and time to head on to Guangzhou. But first thanking Tjitte for the great start of my holiday. He showed me so many places in a very short time; you are a fine guide and a funny chap to. An unforgettable start in China you gave me. First with the ferry again and then to the Kowloon train station. With the directions Tjitte gave me it was a peace of cake. Getting a train ticket was very easy.


Tjitte and the other mascots of the Olympics 2008

China-Hong Kong-IMG_0191

Hong Kong harbor

Fast boat from Hong Kong to Macao              138 Yuan          back 142 Yuan

Train ticket from Hong Kong (Kowloon) to Guangzhou         180 HK Dollar             Soft seat

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